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Our New Sensual Body Oil and Our Devotion to Clean Beauty

Devotional Love isn’t just our newest product, it’s our life’s work.  We believe that love is an action, a choice, a devotion to what you choose to align with in life.  The devotion of love is the very passion that has driven us to create Pure Mana Hawaii.  

Maya Angelou advises, “I think we must surrender the despair of unexpected cruelties and extend the wonder of unexpected kindnesses to ourselves and to each other…We deserve each other and each other’s generosity.”⁠  To us, extending this generosity of spirit is the devotion of love.

We founded Pure Mana as a 2-woman team, two sister-friends passionate about earth work and about people stepping into their power and radiance.  We have dedicated ourselves to the integrity of our initial mission, to create gifts from the earth we tend in order to share the earth’s abundant generosity.  

Through all of the many roles we play in our business and in our lives as doers, mothers, and farmers, we devote ourselves to a generosity of spirit with each other and with all the powerful women on our small tireless team.  We believe in a world filled with generosity, a world devoted to love, and we hope Pure Mana inspires others to help us create it.  Generosity is the key ingredient of abundance, and cultivating abundance is the core of sustainability. 

Our devotion nourishes our love for what we create, and we hope our devotion nourishes your radiance as you create more of what you love.
This Valentine’s Day, may we all open our hearts a little more to let more life in and pour more love into our lives.
Learn more about our Story and the Mission of Pure Mana Hawaii:

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