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We’re a week into 2020, and we’re ready for action!  What vision are you putting into reality?  It’s an easier question to ask than to do.  So, rather than just speak of inspiration, motivation, and enlivening (a few of our favorite things), we here at Pure Mana thought we’d go back to basics and approach it all from a place of devotion.           

What do you value?  What are you passionate about?  What makes your heart sing, your spirit leap, and your soul feel heard?  What is the feeling you crave?  What makes your core feel fortified?  If there were no pressures to be perfect, no things to obtain, what is the world you’d want to live in and the way you’d want to feel being in it?  This is where devotion begins.

At Pure Mana, we value purity, integrity, quality, and sustainability.  We are passionately devoted to it, and we live our lives in that devotion.  In 2020, we are committed to embodying those values ourselves and continuing to create products that embody those values.

We feel that in our modern world, purity, integrity, quality, and sustainability have somewhat lost their meaning.  We strive to live in alignment with the true meaning of those words, in daily action and being.

When you come from a place of passion and devotion to your core values, you can move in the world in a way that is both peaceful and powerful.  We believe that this is true beauty.  We invite you to embody your peace and power, your beauty.  From this peaceful power emanates ease and grace, and that enables effective action. What’s more beautiful than that?

We Earth inhabitants have moved out of our teen years.  This is a great time to move out of effort and into energy.  We no longer need to stomp around and flail and yell to be heard, no longer need to isolate to rebel.  It is time to embody; show up; connect; be present with ourselves, our passions, and others.  As we align with our values, we walk in our power.  It’s a time to move through life in a way that is relaxed and engaged.  It’s time to say yes to your own truth and to live it.  It’s time to wake up, to rise and shine.

We’re so glad we get to live in this time with you, to continue to share earth’s gifts and shine together. Thank you for making 2019 wonderful, and we’re so excited about 2020!

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