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With a few minutes of Skincare and Breath exercises, you can calm your mind and re-charge. It’s best to use skincare made with pure plant-based essential oils. Massage oils into skin prior to your breathing exercise to promote deep relaxation.

Deep Relaxation

(*Note not all products made with plant essence are essential oils. True essential oils aren’t blended with other chemicals or fragrances. They’re made using a specific process that doesn’t change the chemistry of the plant, keeping lifeforce intact.)

Pure Mana Hawaii Skincare and Breath Exercise:

1.) In a comfortable position, gently massage your feet and legs with your favorite massage oil. Then massage your arms and neck. Surrender into deep breathing as you take in the pure essential oils and sink into relaxation.

Pure Mana Hawaii Radiant Glow is nourishing oil for the whole body, made with pure wild harvested essential oils – tuberose, cinnamon, and Hawaiian vanilla elicit a sensory response of relaxation.

2.) As you sit comfortably, you may feel the desire to hold a crystal at your heart center to amplify your intention. Sit with eyes either closed or open gently in a soft gaze, chin centered (neck not up or down). Focus on your breath.

3.) Relax your belly, shoulders, and jaw as much as you’re able. Allow thoughts to come and go as they will. Focus on breath.

4.) Breathe in through your nose for a count of 10, or whatever number works for you. Smell the warm and sensual scent of Radiant Glow.

5.) Breathe out through your mouth for a count of 10, or whatever number works for you. Relax your jaw and belly.

6.) Repeat breathing exercise for at least 10 intervals, focusing on your breath, the expansion and relaxation of your belly and body.

7.) When ready, gently open eyes to wide gaze and slowly bring yourself back into your surroundings. Give yourself time. You are now ready to begin afresh, anew, recharged, and centered. With nourished, moisturized, and silky skin, you will continue to benefit from the essential oils throughout your day or night.

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