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Self Care

Wow!  Let us just begin there and get that acknowledged right out front!  These are some wild times, times of great uncertainty and disorientation.  For some, this rises a tide of grief and anxiety, and for some it strengthens deeply held convictions.  For most, it’s a full mixture of the everything-is-everything (a la Lauryn Hill or Booker T and the MG’s. See below for link to song). 

Spring has well sprung, and no matter what, Earth is regenerating herself and offering us renewal.  So let’s join her a little…or a lot.  Here’s a call to promise, a lifeline we can make stronger together.

In this time of great uncertainty, we are called to get grounded in what is truly most important to each of us individually and to the wellness of the whole.  We are called to amplify vitality, to empower our immune systems, to nourish ourselves, cells and souls.  We are called to seek that which bolsters our wellbeing and to find moments of peace and beauty that give us a sense of calm and keep us connected to the bigger picture.  Nature is truth.  Nature both transcends our ephemeral sense of self and creates the very core of it.  Nature connects us to something bigger, a living biosphere that regenerates and renews and breathes and provides bounty each and every moment.  We all share that together, and it lives within each of us, in our very cells.

Within each of us, we know there is a greater good.  We know there is a bigger network to which we are inherently connected by birth.  It is in these times of great uncertainty that we must tap into that knowing and fill ourselves with its hope.  It is the best we can do for ourselves and for the good of all.

How can we do this?  We can fill our bodies and minds with the life-affirming things that remind us of our power and strength and health and beauty.  We can focus – our mind, body, cells, and souls – on guidepost values that contribute to thriving: 

Courage, Compassion, Vitality, Kindness, Centeredness, Gratitude, Presence, and Connection

We are calling upon each of you to do that for yourselves and for the wellbeing of all.  And we are here to support that because we are all traveling on this living spinning orb together, and we all get to contribute to its wellbeing by focusing on that connection as much as we can. 

We are stronger together.  Let’s join Earth in her renewal.  Let’s create a lifeline of promise. 

For musical inspiration, “Everything is Everything”, Lauryn Hill:

#PureManaLife = Amplify Vitality, Nourish Life, Live Love

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