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It’s official, Summer is here!  Happy Summer Solstice, the longest days, more fun in the sun!  Solstice is an opportunity.  It’s time to embrace the energizing power of the sun, to draw its vibrant life force into our bodies and our lives.  As we bound out of the quarantine burrow and into the sunlight, we may notice our skin has suffered some these past few months.  Pure Mana Hawaii has your back – and face, and all of beautiful you.  Summer skincare requires special attention. 

UV exposure and skin dehydration can have long-term dangerous effects.  Clean green skincare products help protect and moisturize the skin on a cellular level.  Macadamia, Kukui, and avocado oils contain high concentrations of nutrients and essential fatty acids that deeply nourish the skin, protect skin cells from free radical scavengers, and prevent dehydration by boosting the skin’s protective moisture barrier.  Studies have shown that ingredients high in Vit. C like carrot seed oil, tamanu, and red raspberry seed not only brighten the skin but also help protect the skin from UV exposure and the aging damage of oxidative stress.  Skincare oils rich in plant-sourced minerals replenish and rebalance the skin, restore hydration, and help skin regenerate and rejuvenate after time in the sun, sea, and pool.   Soft, smooth, supple, glowing, that’s summer skin.

May the last half of 2020 be filled with renewed hope and radiance.

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