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What are you doing to feed your radiance and nourish your empowerment? 

What brings you joy and fulfillment in your life? What makes you the woman that you are and fuels you to keep giving and receiving goodness?  

Pure Mana is Woman-powered, friend-powered, sister-powered, mother-powered, earth-powered, family-powered.  We would never exist without the magic, collaboration, and devotion of women.  We honor, celebrate, and exalt women every day.

According to, “On a global scale,women produce more than half of all the food that is grown” on the planet and up to 80% in some regions.  We take this literally and metaphorically.  Women provide growth, sustenance, and nourishment in the form of actual food as well as ideas, innovations, information, and change.

Today, we honor all the women of the world, the change makers, movers and shakers, life-givers, food providers, earth-tenders, fierce defenders of what is righteous, creators, cultivators, innovators, inventors, explorers, collaborators, and all around general badasses.  We created Pure Mana to feed your radiance and nourish your empowerment. 

Thank you, yes you, for being and doing whatever you are and do! 
You amaze us!  

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