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Fathers often have to have a thick skin to put up with whatever comes their way.  That doesn’t mean men can’t be soft and nourished and cared for, too.  Pure Mana honors fathers with great gratitude for all they do, and we want to make sure men feel good inside and out.  No more having to borrow skincare products from women; men deserve their own self-nurturing regimen for healthy happy skin.  Pure Mana carefully chooses ingredients that feed any skin type and gender-neutral essences that can be enjoyed by all. Our organic skincare oils can even help soothe razor burn, balance skin tone, and reduce inflammation from facial hair growth.

We believe that everyone deserves radiant skin and an elevated self-care ritual.  Being in touch with our skin and our bodies is a way to sensually connect with ourselves and each other.  Lately, we hear the term “toxic masculinity” in common parlance, referring to the notion that masculinity too often includes connotations of violence and dominance.  What is this term’s opposite?  What nurtures, protects, provides, cultivates and promotes growth?  What about “nourishing masculinity”?  And, more importantly, what about “self-nourishing masculinity”?

This Father’s Day, let’s honor the fathers and father figures who create life, provide, and cultivate growth.  That starts with the man himself.  Pure Mana invites you, fathers, to take care of the skin you live in with replenishing green skincare.  Connect to the botanicals that are the true gifts of this planet, connect to the earth mother herself, and take time to connect to yourself.  Nourish your own skin in order to promote your own growth as you care for others.  Indulge, yes indulge, in the sensuous, the luscious, the small self-nurturing moments that pure high-quality skin care products can offer.  We honor you, fathers, and we invite you to honor yourself in self-caring ways that promote love and vitality and happiness and health in your world.  You deserve it.

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