Facial Moisturizer

This antioxidant-rich soothing serum will revitalize, repair, and renew your skin cells.

Lavish your face and neck with this soothing serum of highly oxygenating organic green Kona coffee oil and deeply repairing macadamia nut oil.  This revitalizing nectar, of Vitamin C-rich organic Rosehip oil and antioxidant-rich Carrot seed oil will replenish your skin with the nutrients and hydration it needs to restore your radiant glow.

Paired with Citrine, Crystal Qualities: Often called “Success Stone”, Citrine carries the power of the Sun.  Increases Stamina, Encourages Forward Movement; Activates Success, Optimism, Abundance, & Personal Power

Renews. Revitalizes. Moisturizes

Size: 20 Ml.



*Macadamia Nut oil,  *Kona Green Coffee oil,  *Rosehip Seed oil, Beta-carotene,  **Kukui Nut oil, *Evening Primrose oil, Carrot Seed oil, Vitamin E, **Hawaiian Royal Sandalwood oil,  *Essential oil blend

*certified organic **wildcrafted.

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